Diving Holidays in the Maldives

Many divers will be keen to know the planned route for their Maledives diving trip. The exact route for your trip won’t be decided until everyone is on board, because the Maldives diving sites that you will visit depend on the diving in maldives weather conditions, the length of your safari and also the ability and experience levels of all divers on board. Most diving holidays Maldives last between 5 and 14 nights and typically visit two Maldives diving site each day. At the daily briefing, you will see a Maldives diving map
That shows the dive sites you will be visiting that day and tells you what to expect from each site. There are plenty of amazing sites for scuba diving in Maldives, these include Rasdhoo Kandu diving, among many others. At these dive sites, there will be opportunities for diving with manta rays and for enjoying sharks diving holidays. While scuba diving in the Maldives, if you choose to go liveaboard diving, which is the best diving in Maldives, you should know scuba diving holidays in advance that all dives are taken from a diving dhoni, which is a secondary boat that travels along with the diving liveaboard Maldives. All diving equipment is transported on the dhoni, and you simply travel from the liveaboard to the dive site each day on the dhoni. As these boats are far smaller than the liveaboards, they allow you to get much closer to the dive sites.